Participants in industries across the corporate spectrum use paintings, sculpture, and photographs as tools to enhance their observation and perception skills, refine inter- and intra-team communications, and consider assumptions and the value of inclusion and diversity in their professional environments. They also consider cognitive and implicit biases and how they affect complex decision-making.

  • American Express, New York, NY
  • Ann Taylor Inc, New York, NY
  • Capgemini Consulting, Munich, Germany
  • Comcast, Philadelphia, PA
  • Cox Communications, Wichita, KS
  • Estee Lauder, New York, NY
  • Hormel Foods, Austin, MN
  • Ingersoll Rand, Dublin, Ireland
  • L3 Defense Technologies, New York, NY
  • Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA
  • Social Engineering, Inc,
  • Stryker Corporation, Mahwah, NJ