Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Military

The local, state, and federal intelligence community has been using The Art of Perception® in its domestic and international training curricula since 2004. Using paintings, sculpture, and photographs as tools participants assess and reassess their critical inquiry abilities and communication skills as they relate to counterterrorism initiatives. Improving leaders' capacity to assess and gather intelligence, as well as convey objectives, specifically in exigent circumstances is addressed.

  • Chicago Police Department, Chicago, IL
  • Department of Defense (U.S. Special Operations), Norfolk, VA
  • Department of the Army, Asymmetrical Warfare Group, Ft. Meade, MD
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation—CIRG, Counterterrorism, High Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG), Washington, DC, New York, NY, Manassas, VA
  • Federal Judicial Center, Washington, DC
  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Brunswick, GA
  • French National Police, Paris, France
  • Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Indianapolis, IN
  • Interpol, Lyon, France
  • Metropolitan Police, Scotland Yard, London, England
  • New York Police Department—Homicide, Counterterrorism, Threat Assessment, Domestic Violence, Hostage Negotiation Team, New York, NY
  • Social Security Administration, Office of Emergency Management, Baltimore, MD